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Why SONiC?

According to IDC forecasts* SONiC will grow into a datacenter switch market worth $2 billion in 2024

By 2025, 40% of organizations that operate large data center networks will run SONiC in production environments

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With Enterprise SONiC courses, you can upgrade your system administrator skills and boost your confidence in the networking expertise

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Course Instructors

Volker Scheel has been the Senior System Engineer at STORDIS for the last 5 years. He supports our customers in moving from legacy networks through to open networking environments. Volker spent more than 20 years building his professional career at AT&T GLOBAL NETWORK SERVICES as Chief Engineer and then Lead Engineer, designing and building global data networks for international customers. He had a particular passion for integrating different services and regional subnetworks. Today at STORDIS, he successfully continues his development by sharing his knowledge in the ever-changing world of open networking systems. He advises our customers in choosing the ideal products that are right for their ecosystem and through courses such as this one, teaches them how to start to work with their new system. In his spare time he is nuts about C++ programming language and NetCDF software libraries.

Course Instructors

Kamal Krishna Bhatt has been associated with STORDIS since 2018 when he started as their Lead Software Engineer and now he is currently working as their Software Product Manager. He has more than a decade of experience in software development, working for several network OEMs and service providers at various global locations. Kamal specializes in developing Network Management Systems and SDN Controllers. Moreover, Kamal was also leading development of BSPs and supporting customers with STORDIS’s Tofino powered programmable switches.

Kamal has a deep interest in all things “Open Source” and loves to solve engineering challenges with the use of open source technologies and provides enterprise level solutions with minimal development effort in quick time. Kamal is lead engineer on STORDIS’s opensource SONiC monitoring solution MONSOON and is also working on other exciting future projects…

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SONiC Introduction


Initial SONiC Setup


Introducing the CLI Interface and Interface Configuration


Redundancy Methods


Routing Protocols in SONiC




Troubleshooting, Management and Monitoring




Campus deployments

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Certificate of Achievements

A certificate can be obtained after each completed module. The final certificate is awarded to those who have completed the entire course. Earn your Certificate in the use of the Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Broadcom – Certified SONiC System Administrator!


For those who wish to master new technology or looking to enhance their knowledge of Linux and networks, I recommend taking SONiC course at route2open. The amount of knowledge from experienced trainers, along with their willingness to help with any questions, is impressive. I am currently working on an open-source SONiC-based project, which signifies a great opportunity for professional growth. This course lead me down the right path.

C/C++ Engineer

Completing an Enterprise SONiC training course was a step towards boosting my confidence in my networking expertise. In order to develop the necessary abilities for the task, I immersed myself in the SONiC training program. Now my team is developing a networking software for a well-known global firm, leader and innovator.

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Frequently Asked Question

If you are new to route2open this short guide will help you learn more about the course.

SONiC Training is made up of 9 core modules. Each module contains pre-recorded video training session.

Yes, of course you’ll receive a sharable Course Certificate after completing the course and passing the test sucessfuly.

SONiC NOS is a new type of open-source network operating system that has been designed to meet the needs of modern cloud environments. It offers a number of advantages over traditional network operating systems, including better robustness, scalability, and flexibility.

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Broadcom is a commercially supported offering based on open source SONiC with feature enrichment and hardening – targeted for campus, enterprise and cloud-level large-scale data center network environments. 

You can try Monsoon, the open-source network monitoring exporter for SONiC. Monsoon is an easy-to-use and affordable network monitoring exporter, that monitors network devices such as routers and switches that are running the SONiC Network Operating System. Monsoon is available from our GitHub site here: https://github.com/STORDIS/monsoon/

You can contact us directly by email or phone. Please visit our contact page for all the details: https://route2open.com/contact/

The course can be completed with a computer or a mobile device. All lessons can be done in the browser: there’s no need to install anything on the computer.

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