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SONiC Course – Introduction 

Our expert instructors explain what SONiC is and how it can benefit your work environment. They will walk you through the complete installation and set-up process, as well as how to maintain SONiC once it is up and running by using a combination of written materials, on-screen examples, and videos. As you progress through the training program, we will introduce the CLI Interface and Configuration, Redundancy Methods using MLAG and VRR, Routing Protocols, and Automation. Our SONiC specialists will also cover Troubleshooting Layers 1, 2, and 3. 

SONiC Course Content

The course consists of 9 modules:

Module 1 SONiC Introduction 

Module 2 Initial SONiC Setup 

Module 3 Introducing the CLI Interface and Interface Configuration 

Module 4 Redundancy Methods  

Module 5 Routing Protocols 

Module 6 Automation  

Module 7 Troubleshooting, Management and Monitoring 

Module 8 VXLAN/EVPN 

Module 9 Campus deploymentscoming 2023 

At the end of each module, there is a multiple-choice quiz to test you on what you have learned, where you can be awarded certificates. 


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