R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1– Edgecore Certified SONiC Course

Volker · October 10, 2023

Route2open Academy proudly presents a thoughtfully crafted course: Edgecore Certified SONiC Training.

Course Overview

Our expert instructor explains what SONiC is and how it can benefit your work environment. He’ll guide you step-by-step through installing and setting up SONiC, and teach you how to keep it running smoothly with written guides, on-screen examples, and videos. As you learn, he’ll introduce things like CLI Interface, Configuration, Redundancy Methods (MLAG and VRR), Routing Protocols, and Automation. Plus, our SONiC specialist will help you with troubleshooting Layers 1, 2, and 3. Join us for a learning journey that’s easy to understand! 


Module 1 – SONiC Introduction

  • Linux Concepts
  • Introduction to Containers
  • Introduction to Redis Database
  • What is SONiC
  • System Architecture
  • Summary

Module 2 – Initial SONiC Setup

  • Accessing the Switch
  • Installing and upgrading SONiC
  • Configuring switch management access
  • User Authentication
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Summary

Module 3 – Introducing the CLI Interface and Interface Configuration

  • SONiC configuration methods
  • Basic Interface Configuration
  • VLAN configuration
  • Summary

Module 4 – Redundancy Methods

  • Layer 2 redundancy methods
    • Spanning Tree Protocol
    • Multi chassis link aggregation (MC-LAG)
  • Layer 3 redundancy methods
    • Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
    • Static Anycast Gateway (SAG)
  • Example: redundant default gateway for dual-connected host
  • Summary

Module 5 – Routing Protocols in SONiC

  • Introduction to Routing Protocols
    • Some basics about routing protocols
    • SONiC Routing Architecture
  • Introduction, configuration and validation of these routing protocols
    • BGP
    • OSPF
    • Static Routes
  • Displaying and influencing the routing table
  • DHCP Relay
  • Improving convergence time with BFD
  • Summary

Module 6 – Automation – Q1 2024

  • Automation use cases
  • Automation tools
  • Introduction to RESTAPI and YANG models in Enterprise SONiC
  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Summary

Module 7 – Troubleshooting, Management and Monitoring – Q2 2024

  • Troubleshooting Overview
  • Troubleshooting Interface Problems
  • Traffic Information
  • Traffic Mirroring
  • Analysing Packet Drops
  • Switch Information
  • Debugging on the Switch
  • Tech Support Files
  • Summary

Module 8 – VXLAN/EVPN – Q2 2024

  • Introduction to VXLAN
  • Introduction to EVPN
  • Layer 2 VPNs
  • Layer 3 VPNs – asymmetric and symmetric IRB
  • Summary

Module 9 – Campus deployments – Q2 2024

  • Power over Ethernet
  • Access control
  • Security features (802.1x/MAB)
  • Summary

Total: 9 Modules, 45 Lessons, and 9 Exams

Examinations & Certifications

Upon the completion of each module, students will undertake an examination to assess their understanding and mastery of the module content. Successful candidates will be awarded a module-specific certificate, and those who excel across all modules will achieve the esteemed Edgecore SONiC Specialist certification by Route2open Academy.

Intended Audience

This course is tailor-made for developers with experience in any operating system, eager to dive into the SONiC open-source ecosystem

Support & Engagement

Embrace the collaborative spirit of Route2open Academy’s Forums. Dive into invigorating discussions, address your queries, and share your learning experience with a global cohort of like-minded enthusiasts and seasoned experts.

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Course Instructor

Volker Scheel has been the Senior System Engineer at STORDIS for the last 5 years. He supports our customers in moving from legacy networks through to open networking environments. Volker spent more than 20 years building his professional career at AT&T GLOBAL NETWORK SERVICES as Chief Engineer and then Lead Engineer, designing and building global data networks for international customers. He had a particular passion for integrating different services and regional subnetworks.

Today at STORDIS, he successfully continues his development by sharing his knowledge in the ever-changing world of open networking systems. He advises our customers in choosing the ideal products that are right for their ecosystem and through courses such as this one, teaches them how to start to work with their new system.

In his spare time he is nuts about C++ programming language and NetCDF software libraries.

About route2open

route2open Academy is the leading global Authorized Training Centre for the world’s biggest and brightest open technology vendors. We help people within businesses to grow their technical skills and knowledge to enable them to make a real difference to their company and build a successful future. 

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 9 Modules
  • 30 Lessons
  • 5 Exams

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