R2O-OWF – OpenWiFi Course

Łukasz · August 30, 2023

Course Overview

R2O-OWF Welcome to the Edgecore OpenWiFi Maverick: A Comprehensive Course. This course provides a deep dive into the world of open-source Wi-Fi networking, with a focus on TIP OpenWiFi and Edgecore’s OpenWiFi Solution. With this course, you will journey through the fundamentals, understand the benefits, and explore hands-on practical setup guides, bringing you a comprehensive understanding of these technologies.


R2O-OWF – OpenWiFi Course is designed for IT enthusiasts, network administrators, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Operators, software developers, and anyone interested in open networking solutions and seeking to gain comprehensive knowledge about TIP OpenWiFi and Edgecore’s OpenWiFi Solution.


Some basic knowledge of computer networking and virtualization is advised for people wanting to take the course.

Course Length

This course is divided into three modules, with each module designed to be completed within 7 to 15 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basics of TIP OpenWiFi and its role in industry innovation.
  • Understand the Edgecore OpenWiFi Solution and its benefits.
  • Configure and use the ecOpen Cloud Controller & CloudSDK Controllers.
  • Understand the role and capabilities of Edgecore’s OpenLAN Switches and OpenWiFi Access Points.
  • Utilize the ecOpen Quick Setup Wizard for efficient configuration.
  • Participate in the TIP and Edgecore Wi-Fi communities.

Course Outline

Module 1: Unveiling TIP OpenWiFi

  • Introduction to TIP OpenWiFi
  • Exploring OpenLAN Switching
  • Overcoming Vendor Lock-In
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Financial Advantages and Customization
  • Introduction to CloudSDK
  • Joining the TIP Community

Module 2: Edgecore OpenWiFi Solution

  • Introduction to Edgecore Networks
  • Edgecore OpenWiFi Solution
  • Exploring ecOpen Cloud Controller & CloudSDK Controllers
  • Introduction to TIP OpenWiFi Ready Devices
  • Edgecore OpenWiFi Expert Team and Community

Module 3: Exploring the Edgecore ecOpen Cloud Controller

  • Understanding ecOpen
  • Benefits of ecOpen
  • ecOpen Quick Setup Wizard
  • Comprehensive ecOpen Quick Setup Wizard Tutorial

Module 4: Diversifying OpenWiFi Cloud Platforms: An Introduction to NetExperience Solutions

  • NetExperience Intro
  • MDU Networking Basics
  • Service Provider Role
  • Management Portal Deep Dive
  • MDU Setup & Features
  • Cloud Controller 3.1
  • Switch Metrics and App Overview

Getting Help

Participants will be provided with various resources such as downloadable lecture slides, tutorial videos, links to relevant websites and forums. For any additional support, participants can reach out to the instructor via the provided contact information.

Course Timing

Each module is self-paced. Participants can complete them at their convenience.

Learning Aids

This course provides a variety of learning aids including presentation slides, tutorial videos, online resources, community forums, and quizzes. These materials are designed to enhance understanding and facilitate practical learning.

Course Instructor

This course will be led by Łukasz Łukowski, a stalwart of open networking and an experienced IT professional with multiple roles across various organizations. Łukasz has been at the heart of the open networking revolution from its inception, making him an invaluable guide for this course.

Currently, Łukasz serves as the CSMO Officer at STORDIS, a leading open networking expert company. He is also the Chief Technology and Knowledge Transfer Officer at route2open, a platform dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals to embrace the future of networking. His roles extend to being the OCP European Project Lead at the Open Compute Project Foundation and an ONF Ambassador at the Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

While working with Edgecore Networks, Łukasz had the opportunity to be a part of pioneering wireless disaggregation even before the OpenWiFi project was initiated in 2019. Edgecore Networks’ vision of leveraging the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) to create Bare-Access Points started taking shape with the OpenWiFi project’s advent and its OpenWRT-based software. Łukasz was also a key contributor to Edgecore Networks’ OCP-accepted hardware designs, including various indoor and outdoor wireless access points.

In 2019, Łukasz found himself at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the OpenWiFi project was first unveiled. This revolutionary concept marked the beginning of a new era in open-source network solutions, and Łukasz, representing Edgecore Networks, was right at the heart of it.

With his passion for open networking, vast experience, and first-hand involvement in the birth and growth of OpenWiFi, Łukasz is an ideal guide for this journey into TIP OpenWiFi and Edgecore’s OpenWiFi Solution.

About route2open

route2open Academy is the leading global Authorized Training Centre for the world’s biggest and brightest open technology vendors. We help people within businesses to grow their technical skills and knowledge to enable them to make a real difference to their company and build a successful future. 

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