Enterprise SONiC Linux Bootcamp

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Enterprise SONiC Linux by Broadcom Course – R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1

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About the Course

Elevate Your Networking Career with Certified Enterprise SONiC Linux by Broadcom Course 

Join the forefront of network technology with our Certified Enterprise SONiC Training at route2open Academy. Led by top industry experts Volker Scheel and Kamal Krishna Bhatt, this course prepares you to master Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC), set to capture a significant market share by 2024.

Why Our SONiC Linux Course?

  • Industry Relevance: Positioned at the cutting edge, SONiC is projected to shape the future of large data center networks.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from decades of experience as our instructors share critical insights and strategies for navigating and managing advanced network environments.
  • Career Transformation: Progress from System Administrator to Certified SONiC System Administrator, opening doors to advanced roles in network management and innovation.
  • Lifetime Access & Updates: Enroll once and get perpetual access to the course materials, ensuring you stay ahead in the evolving tech landscape.
  • Community and Expert Support: Join an exclusive community of professionals for ongoing advice and support, enhancing your learning journey.
  • Certification: Earn a prestigious Certified SONiC System Administrator credential that will bolster your resume and recognition in the industry.

Secure Your Spot Today! Advance your career by mastering one of the fastest-growing technologies in networking. Enroll now at route2open Academy and start your path to becoming a global networking leader.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding SONiC Linux Environment: Learn how to navigate and manage the SONiC operating system efficiently in various network settings.
  • Complete Setup Mastery: Gain expertise in the full installation and setup process of SONiC from scratch.
  • CLI Proficiency: Develop skills in using the Command Line Interface (CLI) for system configuration and management.
  • Advanced Configuration Techniques: Master redundancy methods, routing protocols, and automation strategies to optimize network performance and reliability.
  • Troubleshooting Expertise: Acquire the ability to diagnose and resolve issues across multiple layers (1, 2, and 3) of network operations.
  • Network Management and Monitoring: Understand comprehensive strategies for managing and monitoring network performance using SONiC.

Course Content

Module 1 – SONiC Introduction (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M1)

  • AGENDA Module 1
  • 04:01
  • Lesson 2 – Introduction to Containers
  • Lesson 3 – Introduction to Redis Database
  • Lesson 4 – What is SONiC General Introduction
  • Lesson 5 – System Architecture
  • SONiC Module 1 Summary
  • Exam 1 – SONiC Introduction (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M1-E1)

Module 2 – Initial SONiC Setup (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M2)

Module 3 – Introducing the CLI Interface and Interface Configuration (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M3)

Module 4 – Redundancy Methods (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M4)

Module 5 – Routing Protocols in SONiC (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M5)

Module 6 – Automation in SONiC (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M6)

Module 7 – Troubleshooting for SONiC ) (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M7)

Module 8 – VXLAN/EVPN (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M8)

Module 9 – Campus Deployments (R2O-SON-BRC-SA-R1-M9)

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3 months ago
The course was good and covered a lot of topics but the lacks details on the topics covered. I would suggest to discuss and configure different scenarios

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