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Edgecore Certified SONiC Course – R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1

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About the Course

Route2open Academy proudly presents a thoughtfully crafted course: Edgecore Certified SONiC Training.

Our expert instructor explains what SONiC is and how it can benefit your work environment. He’ll guide you step-by-step through installing and setting up SONiC, and teach you how to keep it running smoothly with written guides, on-screen examples, and videos. As you learn, he’ll introduce things like CLI Interface, Configuration, Redundancy Methods (MLAG and VRR), Routing Protocols, and Automation. Plus, our SONiC specialist will help you with troubleshooting Layers 1, 2, and 3. Join us for a learning journey that’s easy to understand! 

Examinations & Certifications

Upon the completion of each module, students will undertake an examination to assess their understanding and mastery of the module content. Successful candidates will be awarded a module-specific certificate, and those who excel across all modules will achieve the esteemed Edgecore SONiC Specialist certification by Route2open Academy.

Support & Engagement

Embrace the collaborative spirit of Route2open Academy’s Forums. Dive into invigorating discussions, address your queries, and share your learning experience with a global cohort of like-minded enthusiasts and seasoned experts.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Master SONiC: Understand SONiC concepts, benefits, and installation/configuration.
  • Command Line Pro: Navigate the SONiC CLI for efficient switch management.
  • Network Configuration Guru: Learn basic & advanced interface configuration, including VLANs.
  • Redundancy Rockstar: Deep dive into Layer 2/3 redundancy methods (STP, M-LAG, VRRP, SAG).
  • Routing Protocol Boss: Understand routing concepts, SONiC architecture, and configure BGP, OSPF, Static Routes.
  • Automation Fundamentals: Explore network automation use cases, tools (Ansible), and SONiC automation models (RESTAPI, YANG).
  • Troubleshooting Ninja: Develop skills to tackle Layer 1-3 network issues in SONiC deployments.

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M1)

  • AGENDA Module 1
  • Linux Concepts
  • Introduction to Containers
  • Introduction to Redis Database
  • What is SONiC General Introduction
  • System Architecture
  • Module 1 Summary
  • Exam 1 – SONiC Introduction (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M1-E1)

Module 2 Initial SONiC Setup (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M2)

Module 3 Configuration Methods & Interface Configuration (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M3)

Module 4 Redundancy Methods (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M4)

Module 5 Routing Protocols in SONiC (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M5)

Module 6 Automation (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M6)

Module 7 Troubleshooting for SONiC (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M7) – Coming May 2024

Module 8 VXLAN/EVPN (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M8) – Coming June 2024

Module 9 Campus Deployments (R2O-SON-ECN-SA-R1-M9) – Coming June 2024

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1 month ago
Yes interesting course, it raises more questions though for more specific questions.

The caption I am unable to disable so it is always hovering over the slides and masking some information and often the images are blurry and take time to become crisp.

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