Enterprise SONiC Linux Bootcamp

3-Day SONiC Bootcamp [Oct. 8-10] R2O-SON-BRC-BT-3D-004

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About the Course

3-Day SONiC Bootcamp for System Administrators

  • Date: October 8-10

Our Network Operating Systems Training offers a comprehensive SONiC Bootcamp designed for system administrators. This intensive SONiC Linux training provides practical, hands-on experience with Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Broadcom, covering everything from basic configuration to advanced routing and automation. It’s designed for practical, hands-on learning and in-depth understanding of Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Broadcom. 

Day 1: SONiC Linux Introduction and Configuration

Introduction to SONiC:

  • Exploring Linux Concepts, Containers, Redis Database
  • What is SONiC? General Introduction and System Architecture

Initial SONiC Set-Up:

  • Accessing the Switch, Installing, and Upgrading SONiC
  • Configuring Switch Management Access, User Authentication
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and Automation Options

Configuration Methods:

  • Detailed Configuration Methods in SONiC
  • Management Framework, Klish CLI
  • Basic Physical Interface Configuration and Validation
  • Interface Ranges, Port Groups, Breakout Configurations
  • Port Channels (Link Aggregation), VLAN Configuration
  • Layer 2 Ports, Spanning Tree Protocol

Hands-On Day 1:

  • Installing SONiC, Configuring Hostnames, User Access
  • Interface Configurations, IP Addressing, LLDP Checks

Day 2: Advanced Routing and Automation

Redundancy Methods:

  • Layer 2 and 3 Redundancy: STP, MC-LAG, VRRP, SAG 

Routing Protocols:

  • Introduction to Routing Protocols, SONiC Routing Architecture
  • Configuring and Validating BGP, OSPF, Static Routes
  • Displaying and Influencing Routing Table
  • DHCP Relay
  • Improving Convergence Time with BFD


  • Introduction to Automation in SONiC, Use Cases
  • Automation with Ansible: Concepts, Prerequisites, Deployment
  • Automation with RESTCONF and gNMI: YANG Model, Config Deployment

Hands-On Day 2:

  • MCLAG Configuration, VLAN Configurations
  • BGP Configurations, IPv4/Unnumbered Peers, Loopback Interfaces
  • BFD on BGP Peers, BGP Network Advertisements
  • Automation with Ansible and Postman: Interface Information, VLAN Configuration

Day 3: VXLAN, EVPN, and Troubleshooting


  • Introduction to VXLAN, EVPN, Layer 2/3 VPNs
  • Asymmetric and Symmetric IRB, Monitoring VXLAN and EVPN
  • Datacenter Interconnect (DCI): Types, Benefits, Multisite DCI


  • Overview of Troubleshooting in SONiC
  • Interface Troubleshooting: Validating Cabling, Transceivers
  • Telemetry and Monitoring: sFlow, Traffic Mirroring, SPAN, ERSPAN
  • Analyzing Packet Drops, Mirror on Drop
  • Switch Information
  • Generating Tech Support Information, Debugging Applications

Hands-On Day 3:

  • Configuring Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs with VXLAN and EVPN

Course Details

  • Duration: 3 days (R2O-SON-BRC-BT-3D)
  • Instruction Time: 18 hours total (6 hours per day)
  • Break: 1-hour daily lunch break
  • Date: October 8-10

Upon completion of this bootcamp, you’ll be eligible to receive your certificate. This certification demonstrates your proficiency in managing and troubleshooting SONiC networks and is a highly valued credential within the industry.

Enroll in the Network Operating System SONiC based on Linux Bootcamp today and become a certified SONiC expert. This is the best SONiC course available, offering SONiC Linux training from the leading SONiC networking experts.

For more information visit our SONiC Bootcamp page or download the datasheet.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding SONiC Environment: Learn how to navigate and manage the SONiC operating system efficiently in various network settings.
  • Complete Setup Mastery: Gain expertise in the full installation and setup process of SONiC from scratch.
  • CLI Proficiency: Develop skills in using the Command Line Interface (CLI) for system configuration and management.
  • Advanced Configuration Techniques: Master redundancy methods, routing protocols, and automation strategies to optimize network performance and reliability.
  • Troubleshooting Expertise: Acquire the ability to diagnose and resolve issues across multiple layers (1, 2, and 3) of network operations.
  • Network Management and Monitoring: Understand comprehensive strategies for managing and monitoring network performance using SONiC.

Course Content

Day 1: SONiC Introduction and Configuration

  • Introduction to SONiC
  • Initial SONiC Set-Up
  • Configuration Methods
  • Hands-On

Day 2: Advanced Routing and Automation

Day 3: VXLAN, EVPN, and Troubleshooting

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